Youth policy

Youth policy is an important focus area of JV UzAuto-INZI LLC’s activities. It is aimed at attracting young employees in the company’s social activities, developing on their professional potential and further career growth.

Currently, about 180 people are employed in the plant including 75 young people under the age of 35 years, which is about 42 % of the total staff of the company.

Company youth policy is based on realization integrated target action plan covering work with young employees and young specialists. Consequently, the relevant adopted local regulations aimed at creating favorable conditions for the adaptation and consolidation of young workers, as well as improving the status and role of young people in the production and social life of the enterprise. (Regulation on the Young Professional, Mentoring Regulatuion, Staff Reserve Refulation and others).

In 2017, the “Youth Union” of the enterprise was created at the plant, the work of which is carried out in the following main areas:

- adaptation of young professionals and young workers in employment;

- attracting young people to a healthy lifestyle through a variety of sporting events;

- civil-patriotic education through meetings with veterans of labor and WWII, as well as seminars and trainings, etc.;

- training and professional development of young employees;;

- cultural and leisure activities;

- social support for young families;;

- formation of the staff reserve of young prospective employees;

- work with talented youth;

- volunteer movement;