The essence of the technology of casting aluminum components under pressure is to feed molten metal into a mold under high pressure with the following rapid cooling.

This technology has the following apparent advantages: 
- high accuracy and high aesthetic quality of produced castings;
- production of thin-walled castings of complex shape;
- fine-grain structure, fewer defects and high mechanical properties of produced castings.

The production process at our company takes place at 5 sites: Melting (2.5 k tons / year), Casting (3.5 k tons / year), Shot Blasting (5 million / year), Machining (2 million / year) and Assembly (1,5 million / year). Products from these sites are molten aluminum, aluminum parts, appearance parts, machined parts and assembled parts respectively. The total number of technological equipment is 76 pieces, and auxiliary - 24 pieces. Of them, 8 HPDC machines (from 350 tons to 1650 tons), 28 CNC machines, 29 pieces of Assembly equipment and и 17 pieces of Quality Control equipment.