Company Products

Today JV UzAuto-INZI LLC produces more than 20 product names using the applied technology.

These are mainly parts for the automotive industry, namely:

For General Motors Powertrain-Uzbekistan: 2 types of covers for B 1.2 and B 1.5; the oil pan for B 1.5; 3 types of water adapters for 1.2 and B 1.5; 4 types of camshaft covers for B 1.2 and B 1.5.

For GM Uzbekistan: 2 types of air conditioning compressor brackets for Cobalt (GSVEM), Gentra (J200), Nexia 3 (T250); steering for Cobalt (GSVEM), Gentra (J200), Nexia 3 (T250); generator bracket for Spark (М300); radiator bracket for Spark (М300); spacer sleeve of gear box for Gentra (J200); cooling fan hub and  back plate bolts for Damas (В150); bracket of air conditioning compressor belt for Cobalt (GSVEM), Gentra (J200), Nexia 3 (T250) и transmission bracket for Cobalt (GSVEM).

For JV UzErae-Alternator LLC: generator front and rear covers for Damas (B150); front covers for Spark (M300) and for Cobalt (GSVEM). The primary materials for this production are АDC 12 and А380 aluminum alloys.

Melt is prepared by electrical furnaces that provide maintenance and easy adjustment of melt temperature.

Part casting is carried out on High pressure die cast machines with an applied pressure of 350 to 1650 t.