We are interested in increasing the volume and expanding the range of our products, so we are always glad to new customers. Due to the capacity and qualified personnel, we always guarantee high quality castings.
Our advantages:
  • updated foundry;
  • timely introduction of new and more cost-effective technologies, which helps to maintain competitive prices for services;
  • manufacture of standard parts of various levels of complexity, as well as pursuant individual drawings;
  • pre-production and testing of the standard before starting the casting party;
  • tender timeliness;
  • selection of the optimal technological process for (filling method) individually for each order;
  • warranty for crown examples;
  • compliance with state standards of products.

We carry out the entire spectrum of aluminum components casting work, so if you need aluminum products, they will be manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment using high quality materials.

Head of the Procurement Department:

Karimov Damirbek

(71) 207 33 00 (internal. 5010)